tempus fugit…time flies!

You may have noticed a decided absence of posts. It is not that I have not been working at all – there have been custom orders and stock developments – but there have also been distractions in the form of visitors, days out with Mark and needing to get things done for the Bath WI. We now have no visitors, Mark is back at work (for a couple of weeks anyway) and my lovely comrades at the Bath WI committee have taken quite a bit off my shoulders so I have two weeks to work very hard…before Mark and I hand over the house and cats to our regular ‘sitters’ and head to Devon for a week in a listed barn conversion; peace and quiet, lots of photos and perhaps a little crochet beside the wood burner (probably alone as Mark has spotted there is a PlayStation in the property!).

So first of all, let me share some of my distractions…

Stourhead National Trust house and gardens:

Stourhead 17 Sept 2014 - 007

Stourhead 17 Sept 2014 - 140



The Courts, National Trust gardens at Holt:

the courts 18 sept 2014 - 069

the courts 18 sept 2014 - 096


Afternoon tea at the Bailbrook House Hotel:

Bailbrook House - 16


Yeo Valley Organic Gardens:

Yeo Valley Gardens 7 Sept 2014 - 034

Yeo Valley Gardens 7 Sept 2014 - 045

Yeo Valley Gardens 7 Sept 2014 - 130

And now the work! I have been having fun printing photos on to cotton poplin, and there are now options in my Etsy shop to request custom orders using your own photos…the kids, pets or holiday snaps! Christmas present for Granny?

garden cakes and lavender bags - 11


photo fabric 1 - 07

photo fabric 1 - 15

photo fabric 1 - 16

garden cakes and lavender bags - 15

garden cakes and lavender bags - 16

In addition, there are organised people getting ahead with their Christmas shopping and I have had a number of custom orders including Wizard of Oz Christmas stockings – I liked the ruby slipper one so much I made an extra one to pop in my shop, and am always happy to make items personalised with names and/or photos.

w of o stocking 19 sept 2014 - 3

wofO stocking2 - 2

follow the yellow brick road…

Many years ago I stumbled upon some rather gorgeous Wizard of Oz fabric. Having a somewhat dubious sense of humour, I decided it would be funny to make a Dorothy dorothy bag…

Wiktionary: dorothy bag – a woman’s handbag gathered at the top by a drawstring whose loops are used as a handle; traditionally used by bridesmaids to carry confetti

I mentioned this idea to my friend and her daughter, Maddie, suggested it would be even more fun to make a pair of ruby slippers to go in the bag! Brilliant!

I made the slippers first to make sure they would fit in the bag and am now hooked on making slippers. I never made them before, but I think I can safely say I will never again buy a pair of slippers!

I found some lovely stretchy sparkly red fabric for the top, used the ruby slipper fabric for the lining, padded them with some thick cotton wadding and finished them with my favourite glitter ribbon.

handmade ruby slippers
handmade ruby slippers

The bag is also lined with the ruby slippers print fabric and uses two fabric designs for the outside, with purple trim. Simply quilted and finished with white ribbon, it is done…I can’t believe it took me so many years to get round to it!

Dorothy dorothy bag
Dorothy dorothy bag

I may be the only person in the world amused by such silliness, but I really enjoyed my work yesterday! (actually I enjoy it every day)