Now shipping worldwide!

On the risk aversion scale I am about as risk averse as you can get, so when I started trading I knew I would have no peace of mind without insurance. When I looked in to insurance to sell worldwide I was quoted almost ¬£1000 – utterly crippling for such a small business – so I decided to limit sales to the EU for about ¬£60. Over the months I have had a number of requests from buyers in USA and Australia and have hated having to turn them away, so determined to track down something more affordable…now I have found it!*

I spent much time yesterday working out my ‘everywhere else’ postal charges – ridiculous timing as Royal Mail prices change on 1 April, but hey ho. So, wherever you are do have a look at my shop!

You will find a few new Easter drawstring bags. Photographing them was a bit of a challenge due to Rio the cat’s love of the camera lens…!

who’s that in the background?
oh yes…it’s Rio!
I'm ready for my close-up...make sure you get my good side!
I’m ready for my close-up…make sure you get my good side!
there now…cat free product photo
or maybe not…

I do love daffodils and when I saw this pretty, simple vase at Barrington Pottery at Barrington Court on Saturday (photos in Deere Diary if you’re interested), it simply radiated daffodils. I am sure I will use it for other flowers throughout the year, but for now the daffodils look lovely in it.

daffodils in my new Barrington Pottery vase



n.b. the little mouse pincushion in the top photo was a free kit in Prima Makes magazine, I just swapped the wool tail for cord finished with a little metal cap, added bead eyes, rather than the embroidered eyes suggested and filled him with crushed walnut shells rather than the toy stuffing provided. I think he is rather cute, but I feel so mean sticking needles in him!!