pom pom pom pom pom pom

In my last newsletter* I included instructions on making pom pom bunnies, and I rather skipped over making the pom poms themselves. I have had a request for a reminder about how to make them, so here goes…

pom pom making tutorial

pom pom making - 01
Cut two circles of card slightly larger than you want your finished pom, and draw a smaller circle in the centre of each.
pom pom making - 03
The whole ball of yarn is probably too big to fit through the central hole, so cut a shorter piece (I am a messy so and so and need several short pieces so they don’t get all knotted).
pom pom making - 02
Cut out the circles and the central holes.
pom pom making - 04
Put the two cardboard circles together and start to wrap the yarn around the double ring.
pom pom making - 05
Keep on wrapping the yarn around the cardboard rings…and on…and on…
pom pom making - 06
Carry on until you have a thick layer of yarn.
pom pom making - 07
Use a small pair of scissors and push them between the two card circles and carefully cut through the edge of the yarn wrap. Hold the whole pom pom together as you cut – you don’t want to let go of the cut strands or you have to start again (does that sound like the voice of experience speaking…?)
pom pom making - 08
You will end up with a bunch of loose strands through the central holes. Take a piece of yarn 20cm to 30cm long and carefully tie tightly between the two cardboard rings. Take the piece of yarn back on itself and tie it again…twice (I’m risk averse).
pom pom making - 09
Pull away the cardboard rings (which you can re-use).
pom pom making - 10
Ruffle up the strands so it forms a ball and trim any strands that are longer than the others. N.B. if you are making bunnies or chicks, don’t trim the long piece of yarn used to tie the pom pom – you need it to tie the head and body together.


Making this tutorial I have realised how much quicker it is to use a pom pom maker. They work in just the same way as the cardboard rings but each half of both rings open up so you can use a full ball of yarn, and the two rings clip together so the strands are less likely to fall out as you cut between the rings.

Using pom pom makers...
Using pom pom makers…


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win an Easter bunny!

Over on my Facebook¬† page there has been a lot of enthusiasm about my little Easter bunnies, so how about a giveaway? If you would like one of these little bunnies…they are only wee, just 13cm to 15cm tall depending on the type of wool and the length I cut the ears…just leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page.

Easter bunnies
two little cotton tails


I will draw the winner on Sunday afternoon and announce the winner here and on my Facebook page. If you would rather make one yourself, you can sign up for my newsletter which will have making instructions!

* these little bunnies are only for decoration – they are NOT toys and are made with beads and trimmings that could be a choking hazard for a child.