Fun with Freemotion!

beach huts hoop

Last weekend I ran a Fun with Freemotion workshop with Grownups Playgroup – it was so much fun! We started with tea and homemade biscuits (of course) while I chatted about the basics of freemotion applique and embroidery and we had a bit of practice with paper and pencil, to get used to moving the paper rather the pencil. Then it was time to move on to a calico doodle sheet…one of the most fun things to do with your clothes on! Seriously, just let your imagination run wild and sew whatever shapes and squiggles and pictures pop in to your head, making use of fabric flowers I had spent an evening cutting out in preparation.


Once everyone was comfortable with whooshing the fabric about under their needle and darning foot, we moved on to the pieces to be finished in an embroidery hoop. I had provided some applique templates in case anyone was short of ideas and it was so nice that everyone had their own designs in their heads…and they completed them beautifully! Moose, robin and dog.

It was just a half day workshop, but it seemed nice to finish with a tasty, veggie-friendly meal…lots of chat, and afterwards we had a tour of Su’s garden and admired her tadpoles (and willow work, of course!)

Finally, don’t forget to come along and say hello at the Larkhall Festival craft market (New Oriel Hall, Saturday 2nd May, 12.00 to 17.00)! Su and I will also be in Alice Park on Monday 4th May…being willowy!


Spring is in the air…

…and that means a bit of Spring cleaning! Since I started Deerey Me I have been selling through, but most of my orders head off to the USA, so I am going to have a go at selling on to see if I get more UK sales:

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 16.52.26

I am starting with pieces not previously available for sale and am concentrating on freemotion applique and embroidery.

If you fancy having a go at freemotion embroidery and applique yourself, you can have your chance on 11th April as we still have a few spaces on our Grownups Playgroup workshop! You will have a fun day learning about the equipment and materials that will help you along the way, getting to play by producing a stitched doodle sheet like this…

workshop prep 3 feb1

…or this…!

Gail workshop5

…and then make and take home a piece of your own hoop art, perhaps a couple of owls…

2014 July 14 hoops - 08

…or a beach hut or two or three…

etsy 15 may 2014 - 069

…or whatever your imagination can come up with.

What’s more, there will be homemade cake!

G&T cake1

If you would like to come and play, please email or visit the website: