win an Easter bunny!

Over on my Facebook  page there has been a lot of enthusiasm about my little Easter bunnies, so how about a giveaway? If you would like one of these little bunnies…they are only wee, just 13cm to 15cm tall depending on the type of wool and the length I cut the ears…just leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page.

Easter bunnies
two little cotton tails


I will draw the winner on Sunday afternoon and announce the winner here and on my Facebook page. If you would rather make one yourself, you can sign up for my newsletter which will have making instructions!

* these little bunnies are only for decoration – they are NOT toys and are made with beads and trimmings that could be a choking hazard for a child.

holibobs and cotton tails


I have not been sewing. Mark had a week off – although he had to go in on Friday so swapped days and is off today instead (I did try to wait for him to wake up so we could have hot cross buns and coffee together, but it is past 10.00 and I have been up since 06.00 and there is still snoring upstairs and I neeeeeeeded a hot cross bun). We have had lots of exciting trips out…to the dentist (perfect teeth and gums, although I am not one to brag!) and hip and knee pathway physio assessment – really hoping that the 6 week course on exercise and pain management will at least postpone any surgery. We have done some fun things too though! We had been waiting for our council tax bill to renew our discovery cards (the only bill with both our names on it) and made the most of some time off to pop in to the Roman Baths to renew our cards. Of course we then had to make the most of them and go and be tourists somewhere.

the Fashion Museum in Bath

One of the many lovely things about living in Bath is that a week off can be a proper holiday (or holibob, as my friend Hannah would say) without going away at all. There is an exhibition of Georgian fashions at the Fashion Museum and Mark was more keen to see that than the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at the American Museum. It is a lovely fashion exhibition and the museum encourages one of my favourite pastimes…dressing up! I was a little too full of breakfast (the Roscoff Deli in Northumberland Place does awesome breakfasts!) to risk bursting one of the corsets, but the bonnets seemed a safe choice. I rather like bonnets, whether the simple Amish ones at the American Museum or the more decorative ones at the Fashion Museum. What do you think?

dun-bonnet Sue
sun-bonnet Sue

Mark almost fitted in to a dress coat and top hat..

fashion museum - 01
a dapper gentleman

the Assembly Rooms

Fashion Museum is situated with the beautiful Assembly Rooms, and we felt the need to remind ourselves of them. It is one of those places where I am so aware of ghosts from the past who walked there before me. I am a big fan of Jane Austen and my favourite book is Persuasion and I cannot help but daydream about Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth as I wander from room to room. There are very fine chandeliers, although of course not electric in Jane Austen’s day.

fashion museum - 15

fashion museum - 12


We also managed to fix our new raised beds in place and have top soil delivered to fill them. My dodgy old knees limit what I can do, but Mark’s mum and dad came to help and I found I was ok to shovel top soil in to wheelbarrows…so I did pull my weight! Mark displayed a very fine ‘builder’s bum’…one might even say it was cracking…but I will be made to sleep in the shed if I so much as think about sharing a photo, so I will leave that charming image only in your mind dear reader.

raised beds raising - 01
Mark and his mum digging
raised beds raising - 11
ta da! raised beds!

I suspect the cats think we have built extra large litter trays, but never mind.


pom pom Easter bunnies

So…no sewing, but I have been making pom poms! We popped in to Wool in Bath and the lovely ladies there advised me on good value wool for pom pom making, and I tried out my Clover pom pom makers. Now there is nothing wrong with the old way of using two circles of card, but these do make it quicker and easier.

pom pom bunny - 01
pom pom makers

With a little felt and some beads, I soon had a number of Easter bunnies. I am not going to sell them (always wary of the fine line between ornament and toy and the need for CE marking), but thought they would make sweet (calorie-free) Easter gifts. I will pop a simple tutorial in my newsletter, which is going out this week – you can sign up on my Facebook page!

little white cotton tail
little white cotton tail
pom pom Easter bunny - Mark chose the wool and it's perfect!
pom pom Easter bunny – Mark chose the wool and it’s perfect!
pom pom bunny - 14
Easter bunnies – tutorial in my newsletter










Now shipping worldwide!

On the risk aversion scale I am about as risk averse as you can get, so when I started trading I knew I would have no peace of mind without insurance. When I looked in to insurance to sell worldwide I was quoted almost £1000 – utterly crippling for such a small business – so I decided to limit sales to the EU for about £60. Over the months I have had a number of requests from buyers in USA and Australia and have hated having to turn them away, so determined to track down something more affordable…now I have found it!*

I spent much time yesterday working out my ‘everywhere else’ postal charges – ridiculous timing as Royal Mail prices change on 1 April, but hey ho. So, wherever you are do have a look at my shop!

You will find a few new Easter drawstring bags. Photographing them was a bit of a challenge due to Rio the cat’s love of the camera lens…!

who’s that in the background?
oh yes…it’s Rio!
I'm ready for my close-up...make sure you get my good side!
I’m ready for my close-up…make sure you get my good side!
there now…cat free product photo
or maybe not…

I do love daffodils and when I saw this pretty, simple vase at Barrington Pottery at Barrington Court on Saturday (photos in Deere Diary if you’re interested), it simply radiated daffodils. I am sure I will use it for other flowers throughout the year, but for now the daffodils look lovely in it.

daffodils in my new Barrington Pottery vase



n.b. the little mouse pincushion in the top photo was a free kit in Prima Makes magazine, I just swapped the wool tail for cord finished with a little metal cap, added bead eyes, rather than the embroidered eyes suggested and filled him with crushed walnut shells rather than the toy stuffing provided. I think he is rather cute, but I feel so mean sticking needles in him!!

Easter is coming, the bunny’s getting thin…

Easter is coming

The bunny’s getting thin*

Here’s a little bag

To collect chocolate eggs in!

*I reckon all that running around hiding chocolate eggs (without eating them) is bound to keep the Easter bunny skinny!




I usually make my drawstring bags with linings and separate casings – and sometimes I even quilt them – but had the idea that if I could make them simply enough, I could price them so they could be used as gift bags. To keep the inside tidy without lining I have used my favourite French seams. You sew the front and back of the bag wrong sides together, trim the seam allowance, turn it inside out, press it and sew the seam again with right sides together, The effect is to enclose the raw edges within the seam.

I have also unleashed my love of applique and free-motion embroidery on some Easter cards:




Of course before Easter, here in the UK we have Mother’s Day on 30 March (would have been my dad’s birthday, so have to mark it with lots of ice-cream!). I made some pretty flower and teacup cards with mothers in mind:






All currently available in my shop: Deerey Me on

Mind you, before either Mother’s Day or Easter we have Shrove Tuesday on 4 March…best known as pancake day! I haven’t made anything to sell for pancake day…but I will be making pancakes mmmmmmmm. In my opinion you can’t beat good old lemon and sugar. What’s your favourite pancake?