win an Easter bunny!

Over on my Facebook¬† page there has been a lot of enthusiasm about my little Easter bunnies, so how about a giveaway? If you would like one of these little bunnies…they are only wee, just 13cm to 15cm tall depending on the type of wool and the length I cut the ears…just leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page.

Easter bunnies
two little cotton tails


I will draw the winner on Sunday afternoon and announce the winner here and on my Facebook page. If you would rather make one yourself, you can sign up for my newsletter which will have making instructions!

* these little bunnies are only for decoration – they are NOT toys and are made with beads and trimmings that could be a choking hazard for a child.

Deerey Me shop is now open!

I am a little shakey and I am not sure if it excitement or nerves, but my shop is now open on Etsy:

It is surprisingly difficult working out prices and postage and wording for listings…and I am sure I will be doing some editing over the next few days and weeks…but the shop is open! I would like to ask a favour and if anyone spots any spelling mistakes or the like, please let me know. In return I would like to celebrate the milestone so if you comment here or on Facebook (I will accept a ‘like’ too, next Friday morning I will randomly select someone who has commented or liked to receive this Liberty print lavender heart (filled with lavender harvested last year from the lavender we have in the garden.

Liberty print lavender heart
Liberty print lavender heart

Now is the time to enter, while the odds are in your favour…who knows how many likes and comments there will by the next giveaway!

I really appreciate all the support my family and friends continue to give me…

…just a shame the cats can’t be a bit more helpful! I spend half my time making sure there is no cat fur where there shouldn’t be.

Max on the work table
Max on the work table
Max on ironing board
Max on ironing board