getting a closer look

I hardly think I need to tell you that I enjoy photography as well as needlework – every holiday and day trip results in a mass of photos that sneak in to my craft posts! This morning the sun was breaking through the early morning mist and I decided to try out a set of macro filters I treated myself to…so much cheaper than a proper macro lens (as in less than £10 rather than over £400).

cosmos still in flower
pretty in pink and white
cobwebs – better than any Christmas decorations
water droplets like diamonds on threads of a cobweb
water droplets emulating mercury
ain’t Nature grand!
bee box in early morning light
water drop on our field maple
field maple – seed glistening
the universe in a drop of water

2 thoughts on “getting a closer look

  1. Clare Harris November 9, 2014 / 18:57

    Gorgeous! You are such a talented lady. Love, Clare xx

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