Flippin fabulous felt

I have been terrible slack at posting…sorry! Between our holiday in Guernsey…

Guernsey June 2014 - 381

(More photos in Deere Diary)

..and the Bath WI and our garden party…


…my work has suffered. This week I will be getting back on track, ready for my stall at Yatton Keynell next Saturday. I am also going to be adding custom-made luggage tags to my repertoire after having made one for Mark:

tag back tag

…and I am going to put a felt flower tutorial in my next newsletter, after receiving such nice comments on the name badges I made the Bath WI committee members:


Just a quick note on felt – it should be wool; it should feel thick and strong and luscious; it should not be shiny and artificial. There are lost of suppliers around, but now only buy from Cloud Craft as the quality is so good, Nicole provides a EN71-3 certificate which means it is good for noses for toy mice and Nicole also posts it so quickly you can get right on with your project.

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