if you go down to the woods today…

For a few weeks I have been turning an idea over in my mind. Fairy tales. I have always loved them and they suggest such vivid images. With the new year, I made a start…with Little Red Riding Hood.

I started by getting a basic image of snowy woodlands on to the fabric with fabric paints.

fabric painted Winter woodland
fabric painted Winter woodland

I then picked out the detail on the trees with free-motion embroidery and appliqued Little Red and the wolf, using a combination of crushed velvet, calico and brushed cotton.

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood

Finishing the picture with a bit of sparkle on the snow.

snow highlighted with shimmering thread
snow highlighted with shimmering thread

Now I need to decide how to use it. I am inclined towards framing it as I am concerned about how well it will wear as a bag or cushion. What do you think?

In time I will make a smaller piece to be part of a fairy tale quilt. I think my next fairy tale will be the real princess…!




2 thoughts on “if you go down to the woods today…

  1. taphian January 8, 2014 / 15:54

    really nice idea. I think I would frame it, otherwise it gets dusty

    • deereyme January 15, 2014 / 16:20

      That is exactly what I have done – thanks!

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