getting old?

Maybe it’s the effect of a wet, grey day or two, but I have been feeling a little old this last week. Old dodgy knees (to be fair they have been dodgy since I was six years old, so I cannot entirely blame old age), tinnitus that had me saying “pardon” every couple of minutes at the Bath WI wine tasting and an inability to sleep beyond 04.00 have worked together to make me feel 40 years older than I am.  I’m actually not feeling terribly sad about it all, just…pensive. As I tidied up the flowers Mark bought me a week or so back, it struck me that some people are like roses – glamorous and showy when young but quick to fade and wilt, and soon on their way to the green recycling bin.

faded rose
faded rose

Perhaps others are more like the ornamental cabbage – rather homely but with a delicate beauty as they grow older. Well I know I was never a rose, but maybe, just maybe, I’m a cabbage!

ornamental cabbage aging gracefully
ornamental cabbage aging gracefully

Even my once fierce pumpkin…

trick or treat
trick or treat

…has become old and gummy. Ah well, at least I’m not mouldy!

gummy and mouldy...not a good look
gummy and mouldy…not a good look

These cooler Autumn days I do have to hold on to a little ferocity though, or lose my work chair to the cats…well fierce isn’t so much my thing…and the wooden dining chairs are not so uncomfortable. Would you have the heart to move them???

brotherly love...or at least warmth
brotherly love…or at least warmth

While the cats don’t want to move much at all, George the spaniel from down the road gets quite huffity with me if I hold him up on his walk to take a photo. Although, he may just have the cafe in the park in his sights – he always pulls to go in.

what are you stopping for?
what are you stopping for?

Ah well, had a lovely family lunch yesterday – laughing so much my face hurt. I have the best sister! Mum seemed to have a good time too as she modeled her new scarf.


I suppose I should include some craft – it is supposed to be a craft blog – so here is the birthday card I made Mum. It was quite a change to make a card that was not Christmassy – I am so hooked on free motion machine sewing, and will be making a load more this afternoon. I have an idea of a snow globe…!

birthday card for Mum
birthday card for Mum

2 thoughts on “getting old?

  1. Irene November 13, 2013 / 08:00

    Definitely not mouldy! And if you are a cabbage, surely you are a most excellent, enjoyable and lovely cabbage.

    …and I have to agree with George, if there is a café in sight, I wouldn’t want to stop for photography either.

    • deereyme November 14, 2013 / 09:06

      Thank you, although thinking about it, I suspect I am rather too calorific to be a cabbage…

      It is a bit tempting to treat myself to a latte to warm up after a walk, and in the Summer George and I did share the odd lemonade ice lolly.

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