anyone for tea?

Those who know me know I have a guilty secret…something of an obsession you could say; a ‘Fifty Shades of Tea Pot’. There is just something so comforting about a teapot – not to mention that I rather share the same body shape as a teapot (but without a handle or spout!). My rather lovely other half not only accepts my tea pot tendencies, he actively encourages it. Many of my tea pots were gifts from Mark (including the one shaped like a football that he thought expressed us perfectly as a couple!). So when we were away and I said we should not be frittering away money on more tea pots, he frittered away regardless and bought this elephant tea pot for me.

elephant teapot
elephant teapot


Now with tea pots comes not only tea (thank you Bath Tea House Emporium!) but cake. I just had to make some cupcake pincushions from silicone cupcake moulds, fabric, felt, toy stuffing and beads…and of course pins!

cupcake pincushions
cupcake pincushions
cupcake pincushions
cupcake pincushions

2 thoughts on “anyone for tea?

  1. Irene October 16, 2013 / 08:55

    That is pure genius! Cake, fabric, cosyness in a heavenly combination… I’m impressed!

    • deereyme October 16, 2013 / 09:03

      Thank you – I pushed the pins right in so they were easier to store and they look even better; the pin heads look like sugar sprinkles!

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