bring on the fabric!

Mark and I spent last week at our little flat in Dorset (loads of photos in DeereDiary)

West Bay, Dorset
West Bay, Dorset

Back home, and the sewing was never far from my thoughts. My ideas notebook continued to fill (oilcloth Christmas stocking welles!!) and we did pop in to a couple of fabric shops. I hear there are women whose husbands/partners do not appreciate their women’s fabric habits, but I am happy to say I am not one of them. Mark is a football-loving blokey sort of a fellow, but he really knows me. Half the fabric I bought was stuff he unearthed because he knows what I am going to like.

It has been a while since I popped in to Livingstone Textiles in Bridport and they have extended their range and have such lovely things! Really nice staff – attentive without being pushy. Each of these pieces was picked for a particular project and it was only when I got home I realised how lovely they look as a group.

fabric and ribbons from Livingstone Textiles
fabric and ribbons from Livingstone Textiles

Our route to and from Dorset goes almost past Midsomer Quilting, so it would have been rude not to pop in! I did resist the free coffee and chocolate biscuits and was delighted when the owner pointed out the new room of extra fabric. A nice little mixture of festive and floral.

fabric from Midsomer Quilting
fabric from Midsomer Quilting

This week I am going to concentrate on getting all my custom orders finished and in the post before I start on the fun Christmas stuff.





4 thoughts on “bring on the fabric!

  1. Irene September 29, 2013 / 19:44

    What can I say? Except that: I wish I could have been there too! Lovely fabrics!!!

    • deereyme October 2, 2013 / 08:19

      You were mentioned several times…’ooh Irene would like this’…was to be heard across Dorset.

    • deereyme October 9, 2013 / 13:51

      why thank you very much!

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