little things please little minds

I remember when I was a small child being told that little things please little minds. If this is true, I suspect I must have a very tiny mind indeed. Not only am I fascinated by the little bugs and bees in the garden and the birds that hop around outside the window as I work, but today i have spent a very happy hour or so making mini candles in sea shells!

lavender sea horse and sea shell candles
lavender sea horse and sea shell candles

Today has been one of those days when I have bounced around with more of a spring in my step than Tigger himself. Strange really, as I started the day at the dentist. For two years I have been going back to Chepstow for dental checkups, and I decided it was a better use of my time to go to Mark’s dentist in Bath (Charlotte St Dental Practice, if anyone is looking for a good dentist in Bath). Today was my first visit and not only were the dentist and his nurse really nice, but also my teeth apparently are in very good condition…and they even offered to put my Deerey Me card/flyers in their reception!

From the dentist I popped in to East and got a load of goodies in the sale – real bargains! (two linen skirts, a silk top, a linen cardigan/shrug type thing and a linen dress…go me!). I was very proud of myself as I looked in the mirror and thought…’oh that looks nice’. Not,’nice dress, maybe if I can lose a pound or two it might look ok’ and not ‘you stupid woman, go find a navy potato sack of a dress immediately’…it’s an improvement.

From East I popped in to the Green Street House to book a facial and eyebrow threading as a pre-golden wedding anniversary treat for Mark’s mum (and booked myself eyelash tinting at the same time). A combination of nice ladies on reception, a bit of pampering to look forward to and sunshine before the day got too hot all worked together to put me in a very good mood. So when I got home, I took out my new green milk pan and a bag of old candles.

I have been trawling charity shops for weeks for a milk pan to use to melt candle wax and in the end gave up and bought a new one…and it’s green!

new green pan
new green pan

I looked in to buying wax from craft shops, but it’s really expensive and Mark has quite a stash of unused candles, so I thought that if the pan cannot be upcycled, at least the candle wax can be!

I heated some water in another pan, put the wax in the green pan and popped the green pan in the water; watching it attentively while it melted.

makeshift double-boiler
makeshift double-boiler

It took a bit of practice pouring the wax in to the shells, but I have to say I am rather pleased with the result.

mini candle in a seashell
mini candle in a seashell
shell candles
shell candles
she sells sea shells on the sea shore
she sells sea shells on the sea shore

The little candles will not burn for long, but I think they make a nice little extra to pop in with the lavender sea horses.






4 thoughts on “little things please little minds

  1. Annika July 11, 2013 / 08:23

    Sounds like you had an absolutely marvelous day! I love your seahorses and the mini-candles – will they be for sale soon? (I know someone how is going to Bath… if I ask kindly they might bring one or two or even three with them.) Would it be possible? Hugs form Annika (and Zoya of course!)

    • deereyme July 11, 2013 / 08:56

      I plan to start selling by the end of next week – so I had better get sewing! I will email you photos (and prices) so you can pick your favourites and I will set them aside for that lovely sister of yours to take back with her.

  2. knitsofacto July 12, 2013 / 20:43

    How clever! And I’m rather smitten with your green pan too 🙂

    • deereyme July 15, 2013 / 21:31

      Thanks Annie – and the pan came from lakeland if you’re tempted.

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