the country mouse and the town mouse

As I was sewing, something about the way a small brown blur moved made me think is wasn’t one of the sparrows who usually hop around laughing at me from the other side of the patio doors. Instinctively I picked up my camera as I turned to look. I always keep my camera – with zoom lens in place – next to me when I sew, in case of need…like this little fledgling being fed, for example.

sparrow fledgling
sparrow fledgling

Anyway, the little brown blur turned out to be a very cute little brown mouse.

country mouse
country mouse

I had a sudden flash of inspiration and thought perhaps Ellen Mouse, a little white town mouse, should have a country cousin brown mouse. So without further ado, allow me to introduce Freja Mouse!

Freja mouse
Freja mouse

Ellen Mouse is a little Swedish mouse, as is her cousin, Freja. Newcomers to my blog may not be familiar with Ellen Mouse’s story, so let me tell you. If you are sitting comfortably I will begin.

Once upon a time, in the mid 1990s, an English lady bought her first house and her first computer. The internet introduced her to a wide world of interesting people, including a fellow science fiction fan called Marie-from-Sweden. Marie visited England several times and met up with the English lady while she was there. After a couple of years, Marie invited the English lady to visit her in Sweden. Marie lived in the South of Sweden, closest to Copenhagen airport, so the English lady spent a few days in Copenhagen and on the day she was due to go to Sweden, Marie came to meet the English lady in Copenhagen and brought with her her friend Irene. Now Marie had explained to the English lady that Swedish people are very private people and you should not invade their personal space and you should not hug them (as was the English lady’s way). The English lady may have quietly raised an eyebrow at this, knowing Swedes to be the sons and daughters of Vikings, and who are they to talk about invading personal space, but complied with the request. However, when the English lady met Irene she recognised a kindred spirit and could not help but hug her. All these years later Irene and the English lady are still friends and Irene introduced the English lady to her friends and family. So when the English lady went to visit Irene in Sweden last year, she took a little mouse she had made for the daughter of one of Irene’s friends. The daughter is called Ellen, so the English lady referred to the little mouse as Ellen Mouse. (Actually Ellen wanted to call her mouse Sue after the English lady…and Irene’s clever husband suggested the mouse should be called Sue-Ellen…very Dallas!). Ellen Mouse now has a special place in the heart of the English lady. And they all lived happily ever after.

Actually I do get some crazy ideas about Ellen Mouse and have to be reigned in by Mark. For instance I think Ellen Mouse should have pyjamas and a hot-water bottle, and a ballet tutu, and a pair of fairy wings (so she can sit on the Christmas tree). Perhaps Mark is right…

4 thoughts on “the country mouse and the town mouse

  1. Irene June 16, 2013 / 20:54

    Mark is NOT right! I think that Ellen mouse definitely need a hot-water bottle. And a tutu. In fact, Mark is just about as wrong as Marie about Swedish people and hugs! 🙂

    • deereyme June 16, 2013 / 22:08

      Well I do think I will make a few ballerina mice and some mouse-angels for the Christmas tree.

  2. Anna-Karin Jangmark June 24, 2013 / 10:03

    As the dear, dear mother of Ellen The Original, I have to say that I agree with Irene. Mark is seldom wrong, but now he’s barking up the wrong tree!

    Ellen mouse definately needs fairy wings, as she needs a riding helmet and riding boots. But most of all I think she needs a pilot’s equipement (imagine the twenties). She might have the body of a weak and feeble mouse, but inside her beats the heart of a raging ELLENPHANT!

    • deereyme June 24, 2013 / 13:42

      love the idea of the ellenphant! I will see what I can do about a riding outfit, and the pilot outfit…I fancy doing some Great Gatsby type stuff, and maybe some Jane Austen too…

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