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good news for gloves

Well I suppose whether the news is good or bad rather depends on your perspective…gloves that are happy being gloves and find fulfillment in their hand-warming role may experience alarm in hearing that I plan to cut off some of their fingers, sew up the holes and fill them with flame retardant toy stuffing. On the other hand (excuse the pun), those gloves looking for more from their existence than to squished up at the bottom of handbags and pockets and school bags, collecting bits of fluff and getting left over throat sweets stuck to them may rejoice in the knowledge that they will soon evolve in to…dogs!

Patch the dog
Patch the dog

Some time back, Sue in my old office showed me a book she had bought: Miyako Kanamori’s ‘Sock and Glove: Creating Charming Softie Friends From Cast-Off Socks and Gloves

Sock and Glove
Sock and Glove

I fell instantly in love and started collecting socks and gloves. I have had some expressions of interest in these cuddly critters, so emailed the author to ask permission to sell a few…and she very kindly said yes!! I still have to carry out the CE Mark testing to self-certify (a company called Conformance sells a very reasonably priced downloadable guide and checklist to CE Marking, I would have been lost without. No doubt others are available too). So this coming week I will be torturing one poor glove-dog, hanging heavy weights from his seams, trying to poke out his stuffing, washing and drying him and worst of all, setting fire to him. One glove-dog must suffer so that others may safely go out in to the world.

hippy chick book bag

I have also been busy working out the simplest way to make a patchwork book bag to put together a tutorial. I love the fabric in this one, but want to try it with a plain border to make it a little bigger and remove the need be too precise matching up the side seams for anyone new to patchwork. I am wondering about making step-by-step photo instructions on postcards – what do you think? Would that be useful?

hippy patchwork book bag
hippy patchwork book bag
patchwork bag detail
patchwork bag detail

so cute! dolls house coat hangers!

Last week I posted photos of my Ellen Mouse mannequin and now my little eBay purchase has arrived, the dress and pants are ready to head off to my friend Jacquie.

Ellen Mouse dress and pants
Ellen Mouse dress and pants

There are a number of these hangers on eBay, but I bought mine from spacemop, and was very pleased with them.

walk and draw

Anyone who followed my old blog before I moved to wordpress will know that I am a big fan the Bath WI. Our June meeting was with Andrew Lansley of walk and draw in Bath. He is a lovely, unpretentious chap who chatted about how he came to start walk and draw, via art therapy, and then got us scattered around the vicinity (including several brave young women sitting in the middle of the roundabout!) drawing whatever took our fancy. The point of this is to slow down and look at things and just see what you can do. Andrew emphasised that it is not about the drawing. However, several people had said to me that they thought I would be very good at drawing and by the time I sat down to sketch a rather lovely Georgian terrace, I was so anxious not to disappoint, I lost all sense of perspective (in every sense of the word) and was part way through quite possibly the worst drawing I have ever done. Andrew came over to chat to me for a few minutes and I calmed down completely and realised just how stupid I was being. It wasn’t about producing a perfect drawing in less than an hour, it was about allowing myself to stop, breathe, enjoy a beautiful Summer evening and push all my to do lists out of my head while I just looked and put pencil to paper. I really want to try to build some of this sort of down time in to my life as an ongoing thing. Doing something, not for the the finished result (or the photo to put in my blog), but for the sense of calm the process itself produces. I would also like to attend one of Andrew’s events…he did mention he works with the Royal Crescent Hotel and it can be combined with their champagne afternoon tea – now how good does that sound??!!

6 thoughts on “this n that

  1. Nick Hall June 9, 2013 / 10:26


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    • deereyme June 9, 2013 / 17:26

      Hi Gail! – thank you for stopping by!

  2. zachandclem June 9, 2013 / 11:50

    That’s really cute!

  3. Irene June 13, 2013 / 20:47

    I think that to end your life as a dog, would be a great finale! So I say, yes! do keep on making dogs out of gloves!

    … and then I would say that anything that includes champagne at the Royal Crescent Hotel must be IT!! Go for it!

    • deereyme June 16, 2013 / 22:12

      Irene – this week is going to be all about glove-dogs. I really want to try some of Miyako’s other animals too…the sock zebra and glove tiger for a start. It would be just for fun though and fun is going to have to wait until the work is done (although making glove dogs doesn’t feel much like work)

      Perhaps when you visit we could leave the boys to watch cricket and we could do walk and draw and champagne afternoon tea!

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